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Saturday, January 20, 2018

My First Saturday 6

It's been such a looong time since I've blogged. 97 days or 3 months and 5 days to be exact. 😂

After Halloween, the holidays just came so fast and furious that it's really been a whirlwind since then. If you would like to see what I have been up to, please connect with me on my Instagram!  I share snip bits daily, and would love to connect with you!

Ok.... so back to blogging... lol... As part of my New Year's Resolutions to blog more often, I am linking up with my friend Megan from Mrs. Wheeler to bring to you my Saturday Six, a rundown of six things from my week!

To celebrate Dr. King's birthday, my class read about his life and work and used these adorable, FREE banners from Playdough to Plato to share our own dreams for our country and world.  While we had off for the Holiday, I'm so glad that these banners are handing in our classroom to remind us to keep Dr. King's dream alive!  

As a quick activity to tie asking literal questions to text, I encouraged my students to ask questions before, during, and after reading about Dr. King.  We recorded the questions on sticky notes, then went back and answered them on pink stickies that were placed directly underneath of the questions.  The kids loved completing the anchor chart together, and since we used stickies, I will be able to reuse this anchor chart for next year! Can we say, "SCORE?!!!!" :) 

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Since Tuesday was a super cold day, I had to use my Jeans Pass a wear my new super comfy and warm sweatshirt from The Wright Stuff Chics.  Jeans plus a cute teacher tee made the day back from a 3-day weekend PERFECTO!

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I'm a month ahead, but my son's Kindergarten teacher, who is also my #TeacherBestie, and I are planning to do a fun Chinese/Lunar New Year STEM Challenge together.  Therefore, I have been prepping for all the lessons on the holiday that we will need to teacher beforehand.  Pulling out the books and looking through my files made me so excited as the holiday hits directly HOME for me!  Plus I get to celebrate it with my son and his Kindergarten class this year! You can check out this Chinese Zodiac, craftivities, and more from my newly UPDATED Chinese New Year Packet by clicking on the images below.

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Since we're half way through the year, it's that time when I'm almost out of color dry erase markers. But then!!!! One of them sent this in for me! A brand new pack so pretty that I had to pull out my book stand! 😂🌈  I seriously have been blessed with such amazing parents in my classroom!

For many classrooms around the country, the countdown to 100th Day of School has officially begun! In years past, I have celebrated by having students dressed as 100 years old.  But honestly, my most favorite activity is when my students got to choose 100 items of something and create their own 100th-Day t-shirt!  Look at some of the examples below!  Their creativity really blew me away!!!

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To add more FUN with instruction to your 100th Day celebrations, check out these interactive and engaging activities below that are from my 100th Day of School Packet.  It has both math and literacy activities that are perfect for the entire day!
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The weather was finally nice enough outside on Saturday that we finally got to go to the local library to read some books and then went home to enjoy our new spa! Let's just say, some of us were more than SUPER EXCITED! :)

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Sunday, October 15, 2017

Halloween Gifts for Students & Trick-a-Treaters

Halloween season is upon us, and there is seriously so much fun and excitement in the air for the little ones..... and yes, adults too, me included! :)

Halloween brings up so many wonderful childhood memories for me!  And now that I am a mom and a teacher, I can't help it but try my best to make such memories for my own children and students!

If you are needing some fun ideas for Halloween gifts for your students and trick-a-treaters, you are at the right place!  This year, I have teamed up with Oriental Trading Company to bring to you some SPOOK-TACULAR Halloween gifts that will make your students and trick-a-treaters screech with joy and excitement!

Student Gifts
This year I'm making my students' Halloween even more FA-BOO-LOUS by filling  these spooky Character Treat Bags with some fun Halloween-themed toys from this Treasure Chest Toy Assortment! With 100 pieces of toys ,  I will not have to walk up and down the aisle anymore to find different toys to fill the bags! Plus, these bags are super adorable and take just minutes to fill!


For the first part of Halloween, I'll be trick-a-treating with my kids, but then we will have to rush home and pass out candy as well!  With little time to waste, I've snagged up a bag of Hershey's® All Time Greats Chocolate Candy Mix to fill these sweet Cellophane Treat Bags.  I'm also throwing in a little glow stick for each of my trick-a-treater and student to help keep their night bright and them safe!

Candy Alternative

Some of my friends and I are also throwing a little Halloween party for our own kids this month! For these sweet party-goers, we will making these monster popcorn hands! Simple, easy, and oh so MONSTROUSLY FUN! Click to the images for more details!

Speaking of monstrously fun, here's a fun activity to do if your students are learning to read and write procedural text!

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While you're here, grab these pencil tags to encourage SPOOK-TACULAR writing in your classroom for free!

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If you need additional resources, check the following units below!


Disclaimer: Products from Oriental Trading were sent for review.  All opinions are of my own.

Oriental Trading

Monday, October 2, 2017

October Fun & FREEBIES!

October is finally here, and I can't wait to share with you some of my favorite October activities that I have previously posted along with a few FREEBIES!

Trust me, I am no fan of creepy crawlers and animals of the night, but I have to admit, they sure are fun to learn about with my students!  Throw in some nonfictional and fictional literature with writing and arts and craft, even the squirmiest students will definitely be caught in the learning web! :)

A fun activity that we do is that we start out with some nonfiction text paired with fictional stories.  Afterwards, we create a t-chart and compare our findings.  This is always so fun as it is interactive and involves a whole-group discussion on what is fact and what is fiction.  As I am recording the students' findings, I am also highlighting correct capitalization, punctuation, and spacing along with sounding out the letters for additional spelling practice.

Afterwards, students are encouraged to pick a fact and fiction statement to record on their own writing template.  Once completed, students then cut and glue their writing onto a bat tracer ready for display!  Click to the image below for a free copy of the writing template!

Click on this link for the BAT TRACER.

As for spiders, we go through the same routine with pairing nonfiction and fiction texts and the t-chart.  However, I add in a KWL chart and make it even more engaging by incorporating graphic organizers to help my students think through their writing.  Play the video below to see the entire craftivity in action!

To download the KWL Spider chart FREEBIE, click on the image below!

If you are into pumpkins and Halloween as well, here are two UPDATED resources for K-2 math, science, and literacy activities!


If you need a fun, spooky way to motivate your lil' writers, click to this FREEBIE!  I will be giving these out to my students as I see them demonstrating good writing skills this month!

Hope you will have an AHHHH-some time with your littles!


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