Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Celebrate America!

Some of my best summer memories growing up are celebrating Fourth of July with my family.  I can remember driving with my older sisters and brother to choose the fireworks and then returning home to cause havoc in the background until my parents called for us to clean up.  I loved and still love the sights of the sparklers, the feeling of being so nervous before the fireworks went off, and then watching in awe at the colors and lights.

Although I won't be able to celebrate 4th of July with my students the way that I did as a child, I know that there are many fun ways to make it memorable and meaningful for them.

Here's a fun writing activity that I have created to help my students celebrate America's birthday.  It's fun and will really help my students connect the holiday to the America's actual birthday.  If you would like to use it for your classroom, simply right click and save the file.

For the complete unit which this activity is a part of, click to Memorial Day and More! Bundle {Flag Day & 4th of July Too-1st/2nd/3rd Grade}.

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