Monday, June 2, 2014

Three Reasons Why My Dad is a Superhero

Every child loves to believe that his/her father is their superhero, of course, I still do. :)
Any dad can understand how challenging it is to raise a girl, yet my dad raised not one but five and a boy! My dad was also always able to fix anything for me growing up.  He might not have known how all the time, but somehow he always had the right tool and always managed to get the work done.

Last but not least, my father is a SUPERHERO because he was a SUPER hard worker.  Rarely did he ever miss work and was always willing to sacrifice for his family.  For a man with only a 6th grade education, he raised college graduates and watched us fulfill our dreams. That alone makes my father, a superhero to me.
Feel free to download the file below for your own classroom use.  If you would like to see more Father's Day activities, please click to the link to see my Father's Day & Grandpa Packet.  It is filled with engaging activities that will surely bring laughter and smiles to dads and grandpas everywhere!
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 Father's Day & Grandpa Packet

 Father's Day & Grandpa Packet
 The Teaching Tribune

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