Sunday, September 14, 2014

My Sunday Scoop

Today I'm linking up with the Teaching Trio for my Sunday Scoop!

So glad to have the weekend to relax and spend time with my boys! Since school began, I have been so incredibly busy with a long list of things to do everyday.  This week, the temperature dropped significantly.  And when you live in Texas and the temperature goes from 90 something to 70 something, THAT'S A BIG DEAL!!!  Yes, I will admit, I did take out my fleece jacket because it did feel a little breezy.....just a little, BUT enough to give me the chills, so fleece jacket it was! I know I practically grew up in the Midwest and the cold weather was just part of my life, but that was then and this is TEXAS, people!!! :)

Nonetheless, it was the perfect weather to take our sweet boy to the zoo and celebrate my hubby's birthday as a family. So glad we went because we had a great time with some very friendly, 'wild' friends.  The best part was watching our son get sooooo excited to see all the animals and he even got to touch a giraffe!!!  Here are some photos from our lil' zoo adventure. 

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