Sunday, October 12, 2014

A Peek At My Week with Bats, Spiders, and a FREEBIE

Another week is ahead, and it's going to a short week for our classroom because of the Fall Break. With such a short week, there will be a lot of reviewing from the previous week's lessons and topics. BUT.... we're moving into writing about spiders and bats and all things SPOOOOKY, which makes ME so incredibly happy because I simply LOVEEEEE Halloween!!!!!

Halloween just seems to bring up so many good memories of dressing up and going trick-a-treating as a kid.  Those were definitely the good ol' days.  Now as a mom, I'm obsessed about dressing up my son....and my husband...and well, our whole family really...  I know it drives the Mr. crazy with my obsession for celebrating holidays, but as long as it is all laid out for him, he is good to go.
And so.....when I say I LOVEEEE Halloween...this is what I mean.

 Baby as a pumpkin & Us as Prince Charming, Snow White, and the lil' Apple :)


Baby and the Mr. as the characters in the Movie Up

Baby as the Runaway Pumpkin & a Lion 

And Just to Bring on the Halloween Cheer :)

Ok, ok... now back to my week's plans.  Feel free to click to the actual image to download the .pdf file with all the hyperlinks to all the resources.

And now.... A Halloween Foldable FREEBIE from my Halloween Math & Literacy Activity Packet!  Simply print, fold in the middle, and cut the dashed lines and VOILA a FOLDABLE!  To include into interactive writing journals, cut along the border and it should fit perfectly inside composition notebooks.

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