Sunday, October 5, 2014

Fall-Themed Resources

I love fall!  Don't we all?! :)  Who could say no to the breezy air, light jackets, boots, hot chocolate, apples, and pumpkins?!

When it comes to fall in the classroom, there are so many great memories to be made and so much that students can explore and learn about.  One of my favorite things to teach about is apples and pumpkins.  From using our five senses to exploring the plants' life cycles to all the reading and writing that can be incorporated into apples and pumpkins, it really makes learning so much more engaging and memorable for everyone in the classroom, including me! :)

Below are some fall-themed resources that I would love to share with you!  They are for K-2 and incorporate math, science, and literacy!  The best part is, NO PREP is Needed! All you need is within the units!

I have also invited my Friend Bloggers to LinkUp with me to share their awesome fall-themed resources.  You can find their links below.

FRIEND BLOGGERS:  Please feel free to Link Up with me and share your K-2 fall-themed resources!  Please remember to link back so that others can see all the links shared! :)

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