Saturday, October 18, 2014

It's a...a..a...SPIDER!!!!

What's  more fun during the fall to teach about than bats?!  SPIDERS, of course!  With students coming in with such rich background knowledge and varied experiences with spiders, it's definitely a fun topic to discuss, learn, and write about!  In addition, it's also so relevant at this time of the year as they see cobwebs and spider decorations everywhere.

To make students' learning more engaging and reflective, I love making KWL charts with my students at the beginning of every new topic.  Below is a FREEBIE that you can use for your class. Simply click to the image below to download.

Another favorite idea of mine is this spider activity packet!  It is filled with graphic organizers on spiders and becomes a book on spiders for students to share and keep.  All the tracers, parts of a spider, and graphic organizers (they all fit the size and shape of the spider's body) are all included!  All the writing activities are meaningful, engaging, and arranged two to a page to save paper from printing.  Yes, I'm all about saving paper! :)

I have also asked my BLOGGER FRIENDS to link up their SPIDER resources.  Please check them out below.

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