Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Happy 50+ Days of School!

Wednesday was our official 50th Day of school, but since it was also our Parent-Teacher Conference Day, we're celebrating Thursday instead!

To tell you the truth, I really can't believe that it's been 50+ days already, since it feels like we got back from summer break just yesterday!

In the short amount of time that I have had with my students, I am so proud of the progress that they have made so far!  From the little jumps to the BIG jumps, they have worked so hard and put out so much effort into their own learning.  I feel even prouder when I hear it from their parents.

First grade now has definitely changed so much from it used to be when I was in first grade!  I remember that everyday after recess in first grade, I got to either watch Reading Rainbow or take a nap. Those were definitely the days.....And yes, first grade has definitely changed throughout the years, but I am blown away everyday by students' abilities and capabilities!

To celebrate the wonderful teachers and staff at my school for 50+ days of teaching and learning, a friend of mine and I as part of the Sunshine (Social) Committee on campus transformed the teacher's lounge to a 50's lounge!  In addition, we are treating the teachers and staff to coke floats ALL DAY!  So excited!!!

I am treating you to a 50th Day Freebie for your classroom as well!  Students draw a sight word of a basket and then records it onto their sheet. Feel free to click to the picture below to download the file! If you would like to download the Sight Word Flashcards, click on the link below!

May you be in your 50+ day of school or more....I hope you are celebrating your students' accomplishments and all the hard work that you put in them each and everyday!  :)

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