Thursday, December 4, 2014

It's Christmas Season!

Christmas Season is in full-swing, and it really is the BEST time of the year!  One of my favorite parts of teaching is definitely using relevant and seasonal themes to make learning more meaningful for my students while also covering the necessary learning targets and standards.

As a first grade teacher, I love for my students to write letters to Santa to not only tell him of their wishlist but also persuade him to have them as his elves.  They always get such a kick out of it, and are encouraged to compose simple sentences with correct spacing, punctuation, and capitalization, while also cover the parts of a letter and be introduced  to writing to persuade.

I'm also excited for my students to learn about the different traditions that surround Christmas and how different cultures and people around the world celebrate the holidays.  Below is a great resource that covers the many Christmas traditions in the US complete with colorful signs and a students booklet.  The best part of this packet is that it encourages students to make connections to self and share their family traditions with their friends at the end of each writing prompt.

If you are also looking for a fun way for your students to continue their learning during the Winter Break, make sure you check out the Winter Break packet below!  It includes 24 Math, English, Social Studies, and Science activities!

I have also invited my TPT and Blogging Friends to link up their Christmas/Holiday Resources to share with you!  Please click to the links below to check them out!


  1. Thanks for the linky. Your products are super cute!

    1. Thank you for linking up, Laura! I love your products as well! You have such a good variety of products and concepts! Love seeing so many awesome stores out there! :)


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