Tuesday, December 2, 2014

My December Currently & A Freebie!

December is here, and so are all the wonderful Christmas festivities, decorations, and yes...music! Nothing warms my heart like hearing Christmas music by our Christmas tree, but of course, football is also going on and with my hubby around, that's what I'm currently listening to.... WHICH....brings me to... my December Currently!

LOVING-I love, love, love Christmas!  As wonderful as all the decorations and festivities that come along with Christmas, I love the memories that I have had with my friends and family the most! 

25 years ago, my family moved from Vietnam to the U.S.  It was that very first year that my family and I were blessed to have celebrated Christmas for the first time in America complete with snow and all!  For a kid who had never seen snow before, it was a really BIG deal!  Even a bigger deal was that a wonderful family had adopted our family from an angel tree and delivered boxes and boxes of gifts to our family of eight in our little, cramp apartment on Christmas day! It was the most magical moment for our family that year, and I will never forget the joy that day and generosity of that wonderful family.  

THINKING- In the spirit of giving, my husband and I are thinking and planning to adopt an angel this year.  I hope we can get it all done this weekend and help create some good memories of giving for our son.

WANTING & NEEDING- As much as I love my boots and leggings, I don't like this 30 and 40 degree weather days so much.  I'm so glad the 60's in the forecast again.  Yay for warmer weather, for sure!

GIVING- As for giving, here's my Holiday Noun Sorting Freebie!  It's a great way to review nouns using Christmas-themed picture cards!  Just click to the cover to download!


  1. What a great memory of Christmas! I know what you mean about never seeing snow. I grew up in Louisiana where we didn't get snow at all.

    I hope your son learns the joy of Christmas with the angel tree.

    Have a merry Christmas!
    Reading Toward the Stars

    1. Thank you, Andrea! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas as well!

  2. You go girl! Already decorated and ready for Christmas. I always hope to do it Thanksgiving weekend, but it somehow never happens. Enjoy the holidays with your son.

    Brynn Allison
    The Literary Maven

    1. Hi, Brynn! I try to be on top of putting up the Christmas tree this year, but I only got half of the ornaments up. lol! Hope you have a Merry Christmas with your family as well! :)


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