Sunday, February 8, 2015

It's the 100th Day of School!

Wow!  I can't believe that we just celebrated the 100th Day of School!  It seems like it was just August yesterday, and now we're in February and very soon, Spring Break and then into summer vacation.

Every year, my team encourages our kids to either wear 100 things or dress like they are 100 years old.  But... WOW!  This year, the kids really blew us away with their creativity!  It was really amazing!

We also had the kids rotate to all six first grade classes to complete different 100th-Day activity.
-Color by Code to the Reveal Secret Message (the number 100)
-Count and Eat 100 Snacks
-Make a 100th Day Bookmark and Read
-Make a 100th Day Crown & Glasses
-Write 100 Sight Words
-Finger Painting 100 Gumballs

Below is the link to 100 Sight Words that you can use to review with your kids throughout the year. Simply, click to the link to download!

The best part was just seeing the kids so excited to be at school and learning!  Have your school celebrated the 100th Day of School?  If so, what was your favorite activity?


  1. I love LOVE the popcorn shirt!!! I'm pinning it on Pinterest lol

    Buzzing With Mrs. McClain

  2. Hi, Jasmine! Thank you for stopping by my page! When one of the kids showed up with that popcorn t-shirt, it just had PINTEREST written all over it! Yes, please do do PIN it! :)

    Happy Days in First Grade

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