Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Awesome Back-to-School Deals!

I know it's still July, but there are some awesome Back-to-School deals that are going on right now that are just simply impossible to pass up!  Below are some awesome deals that I found!

If you love using Sharpies as much as I do, these 5-pack Sharpie packages are only $1 each at Office Max/Depot this week (July 4-11th)!  I don't live anywhere near one, but luckily I am near a Staples and they do price matching!!!  Therefore, I was able to screenshot the ad from Office Max's website and Staples honored it!

I can't also tell you how many times I wished I had inch rulers to teach my firsties measuring in inches without them getting so confused when centimeters are also printed on them.  Therefore, I was thrilled when I found these 12-inch rulers for only 35 cents each at Staples!  I grabbed a class set, and can't wait to put them to good use this year!

Now, if you head on over to Office Max this week, they'll have their plastic rulers for only 25 cents!

Here are all the other deals going on at Office Max and Staples this week!  Also, don't forget to subscribe to Staples and Office Depot/Max's Teacher Rewards email program!  You'll save money and get an invitation to their Teacher Appreciation Day, which should be coming up this month!!!

Also....have you stopped by Target's Dollar Spot lately?!!!!  If you haven't, do so immediately because there are a ton of super cute and useful things that you will definitely love ranging from $1-$5.....including Dr. Seuss supplies, which will come in handy for his birthday in February!

Happy Shopping, Teachers!!!

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