Friday, October 9, 2015

It's Almost Halloween!!!

I love Halloween, and I have always loved Halloween! From dressing up to trick-a-treating to going through my candy with my friends and siblings in our living room, for me,  Halloween was just the perfect holiday to be a kid and have permission to pig out on sweets...even if it was just for one night.

Now as a teacher, I feel like I get to relive the joys of Halloween by incorporating the fun of  holiday with our curriculum.  And of course, the kids are always equally excited as I am!

A fun English/Language Arts and arts and craft activity that ties in with adjectives is after reading a fun Halloween story about monsters or has monsters in it, we create a Frankenstein as a class.  Next, I encourage the kids to think of all the adjectives that we have learned about to describe our monster.  Using a graphic organizer for this activity fits perfectly and really helps the students when they go on to write complete sentences using their adjectives.  Once the writing is complete with sentences, the students glue it to the back of their Frankenstein!

To download the eyes for Frankenstein, click to the image of Frankenstein.  To download the writing template, click to the image of the graphic organizer.

I also use my Halloween Math & Literacy packet filled with many interactive and engaging activities throughout October with my kids.  The kids love how fun it is, and I love that I am able to sneak in all the math and literacy skills learned up to this point in the year for additional practice and review.

I have also asked my fellow Teacher-Author friends to link up their fun and engaging Halloween resources below.  Make sure you check them out!

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