Wednesday, October 7, 2015

October Currently

Wow!  It's October again, and the air is definitely feeling a little cooler, even though compared to other states, Texas still feels like summer...but I'll take 80 degrees weather over 90 or 100 something any day! ;)

And so now onto my October Currently with Mrs. Farley from Oh Boy, It's 4th Grade!

Listening: Of course, the best sound right now is silence in the house as my babies are all snugged in and sleeping so very peacefully.  With a 2 month old and 3 year old, silence definitely comes far and few in between nowadays, so I'm taking in the silence and loving the stillness throughout the house.

Loving:  It's my birthday month! I can't believe I'm turning 19 again!  haha... Just kidding.  Whenever October rolls around, I am always reminded of all the memories of my childhood birthdays. No matter how big or small the celebrations were, my mom always made sure we celebrated as a family with singing and a yummy cake!  So glad I get to continue the tradition and celebrate this year with our new baby girl. She definitely makes this year so much more special and memorable for me!

Thinking: Halloween costumes, of course! Every year, I try to dress my family up together.  Last year, we were the Peanuts (Charlie Brown, Lucy, and the Great Pumpkin).  The years before we were characters from the movie Up and Snow White.  I'm still brainstorming and eagerly scrolling through Pinterest pins for ideas. 

Wanting:  As much as I love Christmas, I really just want fall to stay.  The leaves here haven't changed colors much since it's still relatively warm here in Texas.  However, when I used to live in Kentucky, I always loved driving down the road and marveling at the beautiful fall foliage.  Now, as soon as the trees turn color, I rush to get my camera and babies and snap away like a crazy paparazzo. 

Needing: Since October is here, it has reminded me that I only have one full month left of maternity leave with my sweet baby.  To be honest, it was hard at the beginning to just be idle and hold her in my arms all day as that is all that she allows me to do.  For a busy body like me and someone who is constantly on the go, to be at rest for so long was very difficult.  However, it has been the best thing for me as as my body needs the rest and she needs me...all of me while I am still home with her.

Boo-tiful: Motherhood can be very messy.  I am constantly wiping off spit-ups and cleaning after my babies....but I love it.  At the end of the day, their love and presence make me so incredibly happy and beautiful.

Thank you for reading!  Hope you're having a boo-tiful October!


  1. If there is one thing I have learned after twenty years of teaching, it is that there is never enough time! Your babies are adorable!

    Judy @ It's Raining Resources!

    1. Thank you and so very true, Judy! There is never enough time. :)

  2. Aww your family is so cute! I hope you enjoy your last month of maternity leave!

    Cupcakes and Lesson Plans

    1. Thank you so much, Amanda! I feel October is going by so quickly...I just want it to stop. :)


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