Sunday, May 26, 2019

Dinosaur Birthday Party Ideas

This past weekend, I teamed up with Oriental Trading Company to throw a ROAR-some Dinosaur Birthday Party for our son!  It was one of his best yet and I'm so excited to share with you all the details!!!

To add a cool element to the traditional cake table, I blew up these Gold Letter Mylar Balloons in front of it.  The balloons were definitely an attention-grabber as guests arrived at the party and were immediately drawn to it!

The centerpiece of the cake table was this HUGE Dino Dig Party Treat Stand with Cones that were filled with popcorn.  

I used green, lime, and yellow streamers to create a tropical backdrop along with the Dino Dig Plastic Streamer.  Then I created and added these personalized banners with thine and tape.   You grab the printables here!

This chocolate was the most simple and yummiest chocolate cake we've had to date! I snagged it with a local supermarke and then decorated it with a personalized sugar cookie, chucks on a Heath Chocolate Bar, dinosaur figures and two plastic greenery found from a floral arrangement at home.  I then used chocolate icing as adhesive for the mini Twix bars around the cake.  That was it! :)

These quick snacks for where placed in decorative Palm Leaf Serving Trays along with these adorable food labels!  Grab them here!  Plus, these printable water bottle labels are simply ROAR-some!

Last but no least, how amazing are these cookies from my girl Antoinette from Shoelaces and Sugar Cookies?  Not only are they yummy, they are so cute!!!!

To snag up my party, click on the links below!

Dino Dig Party Treat Stand with Cones

Dino Dig Mylar Balloons

Dino Dig Plastic Streamer

Emerald Green Streamers

Dino Dig Luncheon Napkins

Green Fringe Streamers

Palm Leaf Serving Trays

Dino Dig Plastic Tablecloth

Gold Letter Mylar Balloons

Dino Dig Square Paper Dinner Plates

Happy Planning!

Disclosure: These items were provided for free in return for my honest review.  All thoughts and opinions expressed are of my own and not influenced by OTC and/or its affiliates, in any way.

Sunday, February 24, 2019

Fun STEM Games for Morning Tubs & Math Centers

Have you been wanting to add some STEM games to your Morning Tubs or Math Centers like I have?  Well, look no further because with the help of Oriental Trading Company, I am finally adding some amazing STEM games to my Math Centers and I am so excited!

Encourage out-of-the-box thinking with these Cool Crazy Connectors! This set comes with 145 colorful pieces that will keep your students' imagination wild and crazy!  Students can connect them sideways or stack them up!  They are fun and so easy to clean up afterwards.

Working on learning shapes is so much fun with this Melissa and Doug Wood Block Set!  These sturdy and durable wood blocks are the perfect shape and size for little hands and will add tons of fun to learning about shapes and building with them!  May it be constructing simple structures to more elaborate buildings, students will be able to use their creativity and build onto their imagination!

Another fun way to get little minds spinning and engaged is with these Jumbo Pipe Connectors!  This set comes with 200 brightly colored pipes and a connecting board.  Students can build on their own or work with a partner to connect their pipes together!  Not only is it great for problem solving but it also encourages TEAMWORK!

Now, would any STEM Game roundup ever be completed without building blocks?!  I think not! :)  Need 1000 pieces of building blocks for your students' imagination to go wild?  Look no further than this Bright Building Block Set!  These colored blocks come in the different sizes and are perfect for building shapes and structures!  Need other ways to use them?  How about grab a handful and have students sort them by shapes, sizes, and colors when learning about physical attributes?! Or have students build a structure that represents them or their family as an ice breaker at the beginning of the year or a U.S monument when you are studying U.S symbols?!  The possibilities are really endless!

5. Dive into Shapes Sea and Build Geometry Set

One of the hardest things for me when teaching 3-D Shapes is having students create their own.  Then came Dive into Shapes Sea and Build Geometry Set!  From creating 2-D shapes into 3-D shapes, this set makes it a breeze! The best part is that it comes with activity cards that show students which parts are needed and how to build the shapes!  Self-directed, easy-to-understand, and so engaging!

6. K'Nex Gears

What better way to learn about movement than with K'NEX Gears?!  While the pieces may look intimidating at first, they are so easy to use and the kit includes everything you need to help your students discover amazing ways to  use gears and show different patterns of movement! Up and down, back and forth, around and around, zigzag, fast, and slow!  This set also comes with task cards that will keep your students wanting more exploration and building time!

7. Imagination Magnets

Covering magnets won't be complete with this Imagination Magnet Set!  Not only does this set come with colorful magnetic shapes and task cards, it also comes in a sturdy magnetic case that works as a board and can store the magnets for safe-keeping!  Students will be able to use their fine motor and problem solving skills to create different fun designs from the activity cards and discover the magic and fun of magnets!

8. Tumble Trax Marble Run

Have students design and engineer their own marble run with this amazing kit! With 14 magnetic foam pieces, 4 marbles, and 10 activity cards, your students will definitely get their problem solving skills running and have a blast collaborating and designing with each other!

Need some storage solution for your many STEM games?  I've got you covered too! These Clear Classroom Storage Tubs are perfect for storing your games and help make clean up easy!

Click on the images and links for all the details!  Again, thank you to Oriental Trading for making my STEM Game dreams come true and making me jump up and down for my students!

Happy Teaching!!!

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Saturday, February 9, 2019

Valentine Gift Tags for Student Gifts

Make your Valentine's Day gift planning stress-free with these 10 fun gift tags!  They are the pun-niest tags that will make your students smile and giggle with glee!

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