Sunday, September 28, 2014

It's the Sunday Scoop at the Texas State Fair!

I'm linking up with the Teaching Trio again to share with you my Sunday Scoop for the week.

When I was a kid, my family and I always went to Sunday mass and sat at the same pew on the same side of the church every week.  It was like our chosen assigned seat.  While there were so many memories of Sunday Mass, I'll always remember the hymns and songs that we sang.  Even until today, whenever I bring my own family to mass, those songs still bring back so many good memories of growing up in the Church and praying with my family on Sundays.  So even though going to mass is also part of my lil' family weekly routine, it is something I love doing and enjoy sharing with my son.

Laundry, oh, laundry.... How does a lil' boy end up having so much clothes to wash, dry, and iron?  Oh...because his mommy is obsessed with dressing him up that's why! :)  

Curriculum Night is coming up for me!  Ekkk!!! Excited to go through our mission and plan for the year with my students' parents, but let's hope my voice doesn't crack like 9 million times!!! Why am I so nervous even though I have done this over and over again??! 

Ok... onto Criminals Minds, a show which I love to hate but can't and can't stop watching!  Before baby, my husband and I would watch this show religiously.....even though I would be afraid to look outside at night or go anywhere for a good day or two afterwards.  But IT'S JUST SO GOOD!!!  We haven't been keeping up with it since we have been so busy, but by chance we caught the latest episode the last week, and now I'm hooked again.  Can't wait for this week's new episode while baking and eating some warm cookies (a fall favorite of mine)!

This weekend, my boys and I headed out to the Texas State Fair and I even tried Fried Butter....I know it sounds gross...but it was surprisingly GOOD!  We also got to meet the new Big Tex, (may the old one rest in peace) and had a great time seeing all the animals in the petting area and all the other attractions.  My legs are definitely sore from all the walking, but it was definitely worth it!

What are you up to this week?

Friday, September 26, 2014

Happy Birthday, Johnny Appleseed!

What a crazy week it has been for me!  Besides the fact that my home laptop kept crashing and all my files were wiped out (thank goodness I had saved them all on my external hard drive before the crash), finishing up testing, and a long list of meetings and things to do including grocery shopping, and having an apple snack on Friday for my son at daycare, that I totally forgot about PJs Day for him! BIG mommy fail right there.. I knew I was going to forget something this week, and that just had to be it......but I did have an extra pair of khaki shorts in my car for him when he wetted himself while wearing his yellow and white stripped shirt.  What a relief  since the other pair of shorts in his cubby was red plaid and would have probably appeared like he dressed him up that morning.... hahah... So.....Wheewww... I did redeem myself there a bit. :)

Ok, enough about me and my problems. Now onto the man of the week...JOHNNY APPLESEED!

It was really a very productive and fun week in our class! Not only did we have all types of fun with apples, but it was also Johnny Appleseed's birthday today!

Below are some highlights.

English/Language Arts/Reading: To start out the week, we made a noun orchard and the kids wrote an example of nouns on each apple on their tree.  They did so great!  I am so proud of them.

We also discussed the 5Ws on him and started on our flipbook.  The kids completed the this book as their Writing Center during our Daily 5 rotations.

Social Studies- After discussing the life of Johnny Appleseed, we sequenced his life in order to make a his timeline crown.  The kids looked adorable with them on, and they were so happy to celebrate Johnny's birthday.

Special Thanks to MyCuteGraphics

Science- We explored the 3 states of matter with apples and then used our 5 senses to enjoy the apple and 100% apple juice! If you would like a copy of the foldable for your class, click to the image below.  If you cut along the border, it should fit perfectly inside the kids' composition notebooks.

All in all, it was a lot of fun, and I hope my sweet kids have a lot of stories to tell their families on all our apple learning adventure this week.

Thank you for taking a peek at my week, and I hope I shared something that might be useful for your own classroom!

If you are also teaching about apples, here's a resource that you may be interested in:

Monday, September 22, 2014

Just in Time for Parent-Teacher Conferences!

If you are like me, you will be getting ready for Parent-Teacher Conferences very soon!  SAY WHAT??!!!  I know, I know!  School seems to have just started like last week, but it's really that time again!  

And even though this is my 8th year of teaching, I still feel nervous and jitters when it comes to conferencing with parents.  I  DON'T KNOW WHY, but I  still do. :) Will I say all that I need to say? Did I explain the reading levels correctly?  Did my voice just crack again?!  Haha.  I know all these thoughts are silly, but once I get over all of that, I know that everything will be fine.

For the most part, I must admit that I really like conferencing with parents.  I always learn so much more about my students and their families through conferences.  And.....I enjoy having the opportunity to praise the kids and really get a chance to talk to the parents, get to know them on a personal level, and build a team of trust and support together that lasts the entire year.

So if you are about to embark upon the conferencing season :), feel free to download this conference form for your own class.

You'll be great!!! :)

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

A Peek At My Week {September 15-19}

Thank you so stopping by! I'm Linkin Up with TBA Freebie Friday & Mrs. Laffin's Laughings today to share with you a PEEK at my Week! :)
Freebie Fridays

It has been a very busy week in my classroom, but it has also been very fun!  Here's a brief rundown so far...

Let's Get Organized!- I've been wanting to better organize my stack of copies for a long time.... So I FINALLY labeled my trays of copies by subjects and made it easier for me to simply grab what I need for the next day. It doesn't hurt that I also now have my own thermal laminating machine!!!  CHANGED-MY-LIFE-FOREVER! No seriously! 100+ pouches already used and it's only the 4th week of school.  Ok, fine.  I'm OBSESSED with it, but it has changed my life for the better.  It really did. :) I really don't know how I ever went without one in my class!!!

Click to download a copy for your own class! :)

ELA- We are working on nouns this week.  I introduced nouns with a bubble map as we brainstormed of examples and sorted the nouns into different categories (person, place, thing, and idea) on the rug.  Today, we went over nouns with examples and then the students completed this foldable at their desk as their Writing Center during Daily 5 rotation.

To complete the activity, I asked the students to look around the classroom or think of items in their house, draw, and then label as many nouns as they can under each fold.  Since it was our FIRST foldable this year, I went ahead and folded and cut the slits for them as I explained the activity.  As we go along in the year and complete more foldables, the students will become more familiar with the format and will be able to set it up themselves.

Needlessly to say, they were super excited when they saw the foldable and did a really good job with it.  Tomorrow we will go over more on nouns and they will do a noun hunt around the school!

Download it FREE here for your classroom!
Science: We are reviewing our 5 senses and using them to describe the physical characteristics of matter.  I had sent home a brown bag asking students to place a small matter around their house, seal the bag, and then bring it to school.  On Friday, we will use our senses to describe the objects and then make good predictions on what we think they are.  Today I modeled the activity as a whole-group by placing a gluestick in a brown paper bag.  Each student was asked to come up to use their sense of touch to the describe the object.  I also had an anchor chart on the board to the help the students with vocabulary.  Afterwards, we wrote the description of the object together, they made their GOOD predictions, and then I revealed the object.  After I checked their work, the kids glued the sheet into their science journal.

Here's a copy for you!  It's two to a page to save paper.

Social Studies: Since last week, we have been discussing about citizenship and the U.S Constitution.  This week, the students are discussing about the freedoms that the Constitution provides, the difference between a right and responsibility, and the importance of voting.  If you haven't grabbed the "I'm a Good Citizen" Crown Freebie, here it is again!  Simply print, cut on the lines and around the star, then glue it to a sentence strip!

Math:  We have set up our Math Journal, are still learning our new center games, and are comparing numbers.  The students have really enjoyed the Math Journal that I have created for them, and I'm really excited how it will all turn out to be by the end of the year!

Whewww.... So that's what's been going on in my class this week.  Here are some other resources that I am using in my own classroom if you are interested in checking them out.  Ok, that's it! :) Thank you stopping by!  I'm so glad you did!

I would love to hear about your week as well.... so please leave me a comment! :)

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Apples, Apples, Apples!

It's Apple Season time, and you know what that means?!!! FALL is coming!!!  I know, I know...It still feels like summer here in Texas, but a girl can hope for cooler weather can't she? :)

Well, with all my wishing and hoping for cooler temps aside, I'm excited to share with you "An Apple Experiment" booklet FREEBIE that you can use in your own classroom. My students in the years past always loved bringing in an apple from home to explore and investigate in the classroom. 

If you would like a copy, simple click to the image below and download it.

Special thanks to MyCuteGraphics for the cute apple clipart and I'm Lovin' Lit for the font.

If you are interested in more engaging and interactive apple-themed activities, please check out my Apples, Apples A-Z Unit for K-2.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

My Sunday Scoop

Today I'm linking up with the Teaching Trio for my Sunday Scoop!

So glad to have the weekend to relax and spend time with my boys! Since school began, I have been so incredibly busy with a long list of things to do everyday.  This week, the temperature dropped significantly.  And when you live in Texas and the temperature goes from 90 something to 70 something, THAT'S A BIG DEAL!!!  Yes, I will admit, I did take out my fleece jacket because it did feel a little breezy.....just a little, BUT enough to give me the chills, so fleece jacket it was! I know I practically grew up in the Midwest and the cold weather was just part of my life, but that was then and this is TEXAS, people!!! :)

Nonetheless, it was the perfect weather to take our sweet boy to the zoo and celebrate my hubby's birthday as a family. So glad we went because we had a great time with some very friendly, 'wild' friends.  The best part was watching our son get sooooo excited to see all the animals and he even got to touch a giraffe!!!  Here are some photos from our lil' zoo adventure. 

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