Wednesday, May 20, 2015

It's the End of the Year!

The End of the Year is such a great time to reflect and celebrate all the students' accomplishments! Some of my happiest and proudest moments in teaching are always seeing my first grade non-readers at the beginning of the year turn into chapter-book readers ready to take on second grade by the end of the year.   It really is amazing how much students can grow!

To help our students reflect on such a great year, my team and I usually have our students complete a First Grade memory book of some sort.  However, this year I created a more compact and simpler First Grade memory brochure. With just one page needed for printing (front and back) for each student, I'm excited for my students to reflect on their year and celebrate all they have done!

I can't wait for my fristies to get their own brochure!  They will be super excited and will have such a great time filling it out!

If you would like a copy for your classroom, click on the picture below and you can download this for FREE!

Happy End of the Year, teachers!!!  You've done a wonderful job! :)

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Lil' Man Turns 3!

I'm updating!  Yes, finally!!! :)  I have had all the intention to update, but life has been crazy busy and every time I say I will sit down and blog, I catch myself in the middle of something else.  But I'm here... and I got some really great memories to share!

So we recently celebrate my son's 3rd birthday during the Mother's Day weekend.  How did he ever grow up so fast?!  It seems like just yesterday he was born, and now he's running around the house and wanting to do everything on his own.

This year we decided to throw him a Home Run Baseball-themed birthday party.  Usually I would have everything planned half a year ahead...yes, I know... lol...but that was when he was really the only child on my mind, and I didn't have another little one kicking, squirming, and keeping me up at night. :)  I did however, got all the decorative supplies down and cake ordered in time.....although the bakery did have a hard time finding it on the day before the party, which almost gave me a heart attack, but it was found and tasted wonderful!

So happy that our lil' man had a great time with his little friends!  It was really a great memory for our only if he stops growing. :)

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