Monday, September 14, 2015


Learning to be a good citizen in the primary grades is so important as young students begin to understand what it feels like to become a rightful member of a classroom community and their own community as a whole.  When teaching about citizenship, I have found that there are so many abstract ideas that it can be overwhelming for the kids to grasp upon.  However, the key is to take those BIG abstract ideas and explain them in ways and terms that are relatable and meaningful to the kids.

Here are my 5 Steps for teaching Good Citizenship:

What is a good citizen?  What do they do?  Why is good citizenship important?  Can students be good citizens in their own classroom?
What are rights?  Do all citizens have rights?  What are rights that citizens have?  Do kids have rights too?

What responsibilities do citizens have?  Why are responsibilities important?  What responsibilities do kids have at school and at home?

What are the traits of a good citizen?  Honesty, fairness, etc.  Do you look for the same traits in a good friend?  

How can students become good citizens themselves?  What can they do in the classroom to practice good citizenship?  To download a copy of this Good Citizenship Crown FREEBIE, click to the image below.

If you need more ideas teaching citizenship, check out the resource below.

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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

September Currently

Ahhh.. It's September, and I finally have the time to BLOG!!!  I really never thought it would happen again, but I actually have time to sit down and share with you all the happy craziness that's been going on in my little corner of the world!  Thus, I give you, my September Currently as I link up with Farley from Oh Boy, It's 4th Grade! :)

Listening:  Since our little family welcomed our daughter earlier last month, it has been busy, busy, busy for all of us.  If it's not the sound of the door bell with sweet presents and visitors then it's our cellphones or our toddler son's Ipad and TV shows or the sweet cries of our daughter.  With so many changes and commotion going on (which I am so blessed to experience), I have been on the move nonstop and have been listening to anything but silence.  But tonight.  Yes, tonight.  With everyone sleeping so soundly and no one is calling for me, I am enjoying the sound of silence throughout the night...even if it's only for another 15 minutes max. :)

Loving: I am really loving the precious time that I have to bond with my daughter at the moment.  Since I know that every minute brings me one minute closer to when I have to return to work later in the fall, I am treasuring every cuddle and snuggle with her.

Thinking: While I'm treasuring this precious time I have with her, I am also thinking of my firsties who are starting the year without me...but with a wonderful, heaven-sent long-term sub.  I cannot tell you how lucky I am to have the sub that I have now, since my first long-term sub notified me that she accepted a full-time position on the day of Meet-the-Teacher and I had prepared and printed an introduction letter and her info for my kids and parents! Don't get me wrong, I am very happy for her and so glad that she found a long-term position!  But having found that out with so little notice, I was on the brink of breaking out into tears and hives knowing that I had to be on maternity leave at the beginning of the year without having a sub.  Luckily, my second long-term sub came along and saved the day!  After a successful Meet the Teacher Night and helping her get started on the first day of school, I am very much at eased and know that my kids are in great hands!

Wanting:  With that being said, I would like for time to slow down, because I can't believe that it's been 4 weeks already since we welcomed our sweet daughter into the world.  How was it that my pregnancy seemed to have lasted FOREVER, yet it's already been 4 weeks and our sweet baby is now outgrowing her newborn clothes?! :(  On top of that, my once newborn is now a big kid going off to Pre-School!  Slow down, babies...slow down....

Needing: As motherhood is in full-swing, I am excited that my best friend of 25 years, yes 25 years (we met in first grade) is visiting my family and me this month!  Every year we try to meet up with each other, and this year is no exception...only that it's our 25 year BFF anniversary!!!  We totally made that one up, but we totally love it! :)

3 Goals: It's definitely hard to find time to be alone nowadays, but I do miss being I need to jot my ideas down and make time.  I also need to focus more on all the positives around me and dwell on all the positive energy and TRULY enjoy the moment as I know every minute brings me closer to the end of my maternity leave...

Thank you for stopping by!  What's on your list for your September Currently?

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