Thursday, July 26, 2018

3 Ways to Keep Your Classroom Organized

I'll be the first to admit that my classroom is NOT Pinterest ready or worthy most of the time.  Please do not look at these images and think that I have it all together.  I too have bought a one-way ticket onto #thestrugglebus.  lol...

To be completely honest,  I am rushing through the door most mornings with too many bags hanging onto my arms, classroom key stuck at the bottom of my purse, and some type of stain on my clothes that the bleach didn't take out or from the coffee that I rushed to make in the morning.

But because so, I desperately need ORGANIZATION, a place for everything in my classroom, and everything to be organized with some type of labels! Without this, I would literally lose my mind! :)

Therefore, here are 3 ways that I keep my classroom organized.

1.  Designate Different Learning Spaces in Your Classroom

Every area in your classroom needs to serve a purpose and expectations in each area need to be taught and practiced over and over again.

For instance, students need to know how to check out baskets of books to read at the Library Center, what the rules are when they are there, how to correctly read with a Book Buddy (stuffed animal), and finally, how to clean up when they are done.

In the Writing Area, students are encouraged to sit on the floor, grab a Crate Seat, or go back to their table to write.  During our Writing Time, students know that they are expected to use the writing strategies that they have learned to create drafts and then work together to edit, revise, and publish their work.

The Teacher Area is for me to plan lessons, store my teaching materials, and charge and store my teaching electronic devices, electronic pencil sharpener, and classroom telephone.

The Word Wall is next to the Writing Area and can be used to help students spell high frequency words.  Students are encouraged to walk up or sit by the Word Wall anytime during their Independent Writing Time.

If you would like to make your banners and Word Wall Letters, click to the images below.

2. Organize #AllthePapers :)

Yes, while I teach in a digital classroom, I am still a firm believer that young children need to know how to build stamina for writing and working with some paper and pencil.  Therefore, it is important for to me to keep it all organized and know exactly what I am doing every day ahead of time.

I always make copies a week ahead and then immediately store them in these Sterilite Drawers with the days of the week labeled on them.  No need to go through piles and piles of papers to find the ones that I need.  I also use the Mini Drawers to store all of my supplies.  I love that everything that I need is right at my Teacher Area, and the labels have saved me so much time to focus on the kids and instruction.

3. #LabelAllTheThings

Yes, that's right.  Label all the things.  Make it so easy for your students to find what they need to learn that they do not even have to ask you.  The more self-sufficient the students are, the more that they can concentrate on the tasks at hand.  From the kids' cubbies to storage for supplies to everything else, labels will help save you so much time, I promise. :)

And now...a FREEBIE!!!!  If you would like to organize your math manipulatives, click to the images below download these fun and bright Math Manipulative Labels for FREE!  

Happy Organizing!!! :)

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