Wednesday, August 22, 2018

How to Make Your Own Pencil Shoes

This summer I was super inspired by no other than the look of pencils and created not only a Pencil Stool, but also PENCIL SHOES!

Below are the step by step instructions on how to create your own!

Step 1: Use a clean pair of white canvas (fabric) shoes, acrylic paints (pink, yellow, metallic, black, and beige), a couple small paint brushes, and a roll of Painter's Tape.

Step 2: Remove the shoelaces and section off the different parts of the shoes using Painter's Tape.  Then paint the tip of the shoes black for the lead of the pencils.

Step 3: Paint the middle section of the shoes yellow for the body of the pencils.

Step 4: Paint the heel section of the shoes pink for the erasers then let the paint dry completely before removing the tape.

Step 5: Use Painter's Tape to help create boundaries to paint the metallic section of the shoes.

 Step 6: Remove the Painter's Tape when the paint is completely dried then cut enough from a roll of Tape Measure ribbon for your shoelaces.  Click on the link for a comparable ribbon from Amazon.

Then tah-dah!!!!

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Friday, August 17, 2018

My Classroom Reveal 2018-2019

It’s that wonderful time of the year again, and I can’t wait to show you my new first grade classroom!
After two more wonderful years in second grade with an amazing team, I knew it was time for me to go back to where my heart is- first grade.

While I was SUUPPPER excited for the move, I was also very nervous since our new school building is currently under construction and we will probably not move until later in the year. Therefore, after moving into my new classroom, I will have to pack up and move again. 

Yet regardless of it all, I knew that I wanted my classroom space to still be inviting and beautiful for my new firsties and moving and packing are, in my opinion, really an adult-issue and not theirs to worry.  Thus, I decided to move most the d├ęcor from the previous room to the new one and added a few simple touches of first grade!

I’m so glad I did!  As the kids and parents walked into my classroom, they didn’t even realize we are still actually in the middle of  a move!

Seeing how happy the kids were and how at ease the parents to see the classroom and meeting me, it made all the hard work and preparation worth it!

And so now the moment of truth, MY NEW FIRST GRADE CLASSROOM!  Click on the images for Tutorials, resources, and FREEBIES!

Classroom Bulletin Board

Library Center & Writing Display Wall

Author's Chair & Book Buckets

Trays for Science and Math Journals

Supplies Caddies

Teacher Organization

Manipulative Storage

Thank you for visiting my classroom!  Hope you have a wonderful year!

Thursday, August 16, 2018

12 Autumn Activities

Are you looking for some fun and FREE autumn activities for your classroom?  Look no further!  Click on the links below to grab them all!

Fall Roll and Graph // Kindergarten Connection
Fall Leaves Alphabet Cards // Sweet Sounds of Kindergarten
Fall STEM Challenge Cards // Schooling a Monkey
Autumn Leaf Shapes // Teach Me Mommy
Fall Foods Pocket Chart Sentences // Mrs. Jones Creation Station
Fall Color by Sight Word // Sara J. Creations
Fall Fine Motor Activities // Fairy Poppins
Fall Sight Word Board Game // Literacy with the Littles
Fall Leaf Rhyming Cards // The Letters of Literacy
Autumn ABC Sort // Happy Days in First Grade

Happy Teaching!


Sunday, August 12, 2018

Autumn ABC Sort

Even though I love summer, I love love love autumn!  Yes, it might just be that it's my birthday season, but it may also be everything about fall that makes me happy and brings back so many great memories of childhood! :)

That is why I love integrating elements of fall into my instruction!  Apples, pumpkins, leaves, spiders, Halloween, and everything in between are just my FAVORITE!  

If you are looking for some fun autumn activities, scroll down for a roundup of all of my fall units along with the new Autumn ABC Sort FREEBIE!

1. PUMPKINS, PUMPKINS! This newly updated 32-page unit for Kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd graders includes math, literacy, and science activities and is all that you need to help introduce and explore pumpkins! From facts on pumpkins, life cycle of a pumpkin, using the 5 senses to explore pumpkins to writing all about them. This packet is easy to use and NO PREP is NEEDED!!! Simply print and you are ready to teach!

2. Kick off your school year with this 39-page fun and informational Apples, Apples A-Z Unit with math, science, & literacy activities! With printables and engaging activities, students from Kinder to 2nd grade will have a great time learning and exploring apples.

This packet also includes colorful signs for teachers and NO PREP is needed! All you need is included!

3.  Or grab them all with this FABULOUS FALL BUNDLE!!!! Apples, pumpkins, spiders, Halloween, and even Fall Morning Messages all in ONE!

And finally, the FREEBIE!!!!  Click on the image to download the Autumn Sorting Cards and Recording Sheet!  Happy Teaching!!!

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