Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Teaching Main Idea and Supporting Details

I love using both nonfiction and fiction texts to teach identifying main idea and supporting details to my students!

For this particular lesson, I chose the topic of Christmas Trees/evergreens since we are heading into the Holiday Season.

First, I explained to my students that the main idea is what the text is mostly about and the supporting details are helpful information to help the reader learn more about the main idea.  Next, I created this simple Christmas Tree anchor chart with my students.  

I used the book Oh, Christmas Tree! from Reading A-Z which was perfect for the lesson, and we read the first chapter on evergreens aloud.  After reading, I used sticky notes to record the students' responses on what they thought the main idea was and three supporting details.

The next day, we read The Biggest Christmas Tree Ever by Steven Kroll and then identified the main idea and three supporting details as a class.  Since fictional texts are more challenging for little learners to identify the main idea, I asked my students to close their eyes and think deeply about what the entire story was all about.  After recording their response, they shared three supporting details aloud and wrote them on their copy of the graphic organizer.

To transform the activity into a craftivity, I printed the graphic organizer onto Astrobright Green Paper, folded the sections of the tree, hole punched in the middle of the tree, and taught my students to loop their colorful straws through the tree.  The students then shared their writing and then I hung their evergreen trees onto our display wall.

Click on the image below to download your free copy of the graphic organizer!  Happy Teaching!!!

For more Reading Comprehension printables, check out this resource below!

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